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Hit-and-run crashes spike in Chicago

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Perhaps the only thing that could make a car crash worse than it already may be is realizing the other driver involved fled the scene.

Unfortunately, that very situation has been increasingly occurring across Chicago in recent weeks.

Numbers paint a grim picture

Data shows that there have been more than 36,000 hit-and-run crashes in Chicago in the last year. This comes out to an average of 100 hit-and-runs per day.

This troubling statistic is the highest it has been in four years. June was a particularly bad month, with 3,565 hit-and-run accidents occurring.

Why does this happen?

People often flee accident scenes because they are doing something else they do not want to get in trouble for.

For instance, the other party may not want to stop because there is a warrant for their arrest, so they don’t want to speak with the police. A driver could also be:

  • Drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Operating a stolen car
  • Speeding or driving recklessly
  • Young and in violation of their curfew

In rare circumstances, a person may not know there has been an accident, or they may not be able to stop without putting themselves in danger.

However, no matter what explanations a person has for fleeing an accident scene, there are consequences – for both the driver and the victims.

What to do after a hit-and-run accident

Immediately after any serious accident, victims should seek medical attention right away. The injuries people can suffer in a crash can be severe and life-threatening.

Calling the police will also be crucial after an accident – particularly if the other driver flees the scene. The police can complete a report, speak with witnesses and investigate the scene in an effort to identify the other party or vehicle involved.

Hopefully, we will start to see a reversal in the number of hit-and-run accidents across Chicago. Whether that happens or not, knowing what to do after one can help you and your loved ones recover if you are involved in one.