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Truck accidents on the rise across the country

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Although stay-at-home orders initially reduced the number of cars on the roads last spring, drivers are slowly returning across the nation. In addition, commercial truck drivers have become increasingly busy as more people do their shopping from home. Unfortunately, they are also having more accidents. As we stated in a recent post, serious accidents have actually gone up during the pandemic, even though more drivers have stayed home. This seems to be true of truck accidents, as well. If you must travel on Illinois roads, take extra precautions.

Why are trucks having more accidents?

Experts are struggling to explain the uptick in accidents among all vehicles during the pandemic, other than to point to an increase in excessive speeding and reckless driving. The same seems to apply to truck drivers, as well. Perhaps the emptier roads give drivers a false sense of security.

One study showed that truck drivers had an increase in speeding and distracted driving during Covid-19. Many people are using their phones more to stay in touch with loved ones they can’t see in person and to keep up on the ever-changing news cycle. Truck drivers are no different.

Stay safe around commercial trucks

While it is always a good idea to remain cautious when driving near trucks, this is a good reminder of some safety tips:

  • Give them extra space – large trucks need more room to stop and maneuver
  • Don’t assume they see you – drive defensively, as if the driver is not paying attention
  • Don’t hang out in their blind spot – If you can’t see the driver in their mirror, they can’t see you. Get out of their blind spot as quickly and safely as you can.
  • Pass carefully – If you decide to pass a large truck, do so as quickly and safely as you can, keeping in mind the first three tips.

If you end up in an accident with a commercial truck despite following these safety tips, you may have a personal injury claim against the driver or the driver’s employers.