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What are some signs of a nursing home neglecting its patients?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries |

By recognizing the signs of neglect, you may be able to determine if caregivers are being attentive to the needs of your loved ones. Families in Chicago have shown they are not afraid to express suspicions of abuse or neglect by a health care provider as the many allegations against one nursing home demonstrate. As reported by CBS, Mayfield Care Center had nearly 50 actions filed against it in the Cook County courthouse. Most of these cases were settled after plaintiffs alleged that the facility’s staff and caregivers were responsible for medical malpractice, personal injuries or negligence.

In speaking with a CBS reporter, the surviving adult children of a 92-year-old woman with dementia believe their mother died from neglect. While under the care of the staff at the nursing home, she developed bed sores and then passed away from a staph infection. Her children claim they saw their mother fully undressed on multiple visits. She also complained of sleeping on the floor after falling down. When CBS asked about the allegations of patient neglect, an ex-staffer explained that it was common for the nursing home to not update its patients’ medical charts.

When a medical provider fails to update a patient’s charts and records, serious issues may arise. For example, patients might not receive their proper medication, and an error in the administered dosage may result in a life-threatening injury or even death. Other problems that may occur from negligent chart-keeping include not recording when a patient first begins to develop ailments such as infections, sores or rashes. These are conditions that could otherwise heal quickly with treatment.

Families have the right to ask questions regarding their loved one’s healthcare. If you are not satisfied with the quality of care being administered, you may complain to the appropriate authorities.

This information is provided as a general idea of what might happen if someone is being cared for by an inattentive or negligent staff at a nursing home. It should not be misconstrued as legal advice.