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Why insurance often isn’t enough after fatal crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

Although most car crashes aren’t deadly, collisions are still a leading cause of modern death across all demographic groups in the United States. When severe collisions occur, the people affected are often left dependent on insurance. 

Unfortunately, those who have lost a loved one may learn that the insurance available is far too low based on the losses their family will suffer. They have few options other than potentially taking the matter to court. 

Why would those who lose a loved one in a car crash need to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit? 

State insurance rules are not strict enough

Some people have relatively sizable insurance policies because they want to protect themselves from financial liability. However, it is quite common for drivers in Illinois to only buy the coverage the state requires. There is a state requirement for at least $20,000 of property damage liability coverage. 

Drivers also need to carry bodily injury coverage in case they hurt someone else or someone dies. There are two coverage amounts for bodily injury protection. The minimum is $25,000 if one person gets hurt or dies and $50,000 per crash regardless of how many people suffer injuries. $25,000 likely won’t be enough to cover medical bills, let alone a lifetime of lost wages. 

For many grieving Illinois families, wrongful death lawsuits become necessary because of inadequate car insurance. A claim in civil court can lead to a judgment awarding the full economic impact of someone’s death to their loved ones. 

Exploring every option for support after a fatal car crash, including a wrongful death claim, will help those who survive demand justice from the party responsible.