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How dangerous is modern technology in cars?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Nearly every new car is equipped with a video screen, hands-free phone and dash cam. All this combined is a great motivator to buy the newest car off the lot. Technological advances in cars are now so common that you can even buy cars that drive themselves. 

The only problem is that the more technology people equip in their cars, the more dangerous they can become. The tech in modern cars may distract someone while driving and cause a serious accident. Here’s what you should know:

Technology can lead to distracted driving accidents

There used to be a fear that the radios in cars were the cause of distracted driving. Today, every car is equipped with a radio, but they aren’t the leading cause of car accidents. It’s more likely someone is focusing on their phone rather than the road ahead of them.

The constant feeling that someone may be messaging at any time can make people never want to put their phones away. They may look at their phones at a stoplight or in the middle of the highway, putting other drivers in danger. 

More cars today also have screens installed for GPS, rear cameras and video. Some of these screens can be used to watch a TV series. That’s great for kids during long drives — until the parents start watching the show more than the drivers in front of them. 

Tech safety tips in cars that can help reduce the danger

The best thing anyone can do with technology in their car is to put it away or turn it off. Driving requires a lot of focus even when people feel they are pros. Putting away phones or screens reduces the number of distractions in a car and puts their focus back on the road.

If you were recently in an auto accident with a distracted driver then you may need legal guidance. The other driver may not admit their actions led to your injuries and losses, and you have every right to fight for fair compensation.