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How to Identify Abuse in Nursing Homes

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Nursing Home Injuries |

The main reason for taking elderly people to nursing homes is so they can receive more care and attention from professional caregivers. Unfortunately, this might not be what happens in some nursing homes as some of the caregivers end up abusing them instead. 

The Senate Committee on Aging recently found that around five million elderly people get abused every year in nursing homes. This is a worrying number, and that’s why it is important to watch out for the warning signs of abuse. 

Physical Injuries 

The most obvious sign of abuse is physical injuries inflicted on the elderly people. The signs of physical abuse include burns, abrasions, cuts, fractures and pressure marks in the body. If the caregiver does not provide a good reason for these injuries or gives an excuse that does not add up, it is a clear sign of physical abuse. 

Behavioral change 

When the elderly person starts showing signs of biting, rocking or soiling themselves, the root cause might be psychological abuse. Most elderly people go through psychological abuse like yelling, humiliation, embarrassments from their caregivers. This abuse can also lead to a strain in the relationship between the senior and the caregiver. 

Sexual abuse signs 

Unfortunately, some elderly people go through sexual abuse in nursing homes.  Signs may include bruises in the private area, difficulty in walking, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. 

Apart from abuse, elderly people also experience neglect in nursing homes. This mostly happens in crowded or understaffed nursing homes where the caregivers have so many people to look after. Signs of these may include untidiness, malnutrition, etc.