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What are some signs of elder abuse?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries |

Putting your loved one in an Illinois nursing home is a tough decision. You are leaving the care of this person who you love to strangers. Having trust in the system and in the ability of the nursing home to properly train and monitor its staff is often tough to do. This is especially true if you know of the issues associated with nursing home abuse.

Care Pathways suggests that you become familiar with the signs of elder abuse. This will enable you to spot them in a loved one better and make a quick move to prevent it from happening any more. It will also arm you with the knowledge you need as you take tours of facilities. You will better be able to look out for warning signs that a nursing home cannot care for your loved one properly and may possibly put him or her at risk for abuse.

Some of the signs of abuse are difficult to notice because they may be similar to symptoms your loved one already shows due to an illness or condition. For example, being tired or confused is a sign of abuse but also a sign of dementia or a normal part of aging. So, you want to look for specific types of abuse and signs that point to them. For example, bed sores or rashes due to wearing disposable briefs for too long after soiling are signs of neglect. Poor hygiene, especially if your loved one was always meticulous about this, is a sign to watch for. Also, watch for unexplained injuries, a reduction in mobility or sudden weight loss.

In general, if you start to notice things that never happened before, you need to get a doctor on the case as soon as possible to rule out health issues and then take steps to report abuse. This information is for education and is not legal advice.