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Are facial injuries a sign of nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Nursing Home Injuries |

When a loved one stays in a nursing home in Illinois, you should be able to expect that he or she have the best possible care. Unfortunately, falls and injuries in nursing homes are still relatively common. Falls should always be preventable. Elderly adults are at a higher risk of serious injury when it comes to mishandling or a fall. A fall for an aged patient could result in fractures. Facial injuries are also common in nursing homes, according to Reuters.

When you move a loved one into a nursing home, you expect them to be safe. To know about facial injuries can help you identify potential abuse or neglect. The most common injuries include skin tears, cuts and soft tissue injuries. Patches of skin may tear from the ears or eyelids. Approximately 57% of injuries occur due to falls and striking countertops, cabinets or floors.

Often, falls occur when a patient rises from bed. Medical staff should follow strict protocol when moving a patient to and from bed. For other patients, it is crucial that the patient undergoes physical therapy to help reduce the risk of a fall. In addition, regular vision checks can help patients.

At times, a nursing home may overlook facial injuries because they often occur at the same time as more severe injuries. If you notice bruising or tearing on your loved one’s face, it is important to investigate the cause to ensure more serious injuries do not take place.

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